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What is SSAC?

Indian classical music has a spiritual dimension that is rooted in the conception of music as a conduit for attaining the Ultimate Truth. The philosophical and spiritual traditions of ancient India conceived of Truth as being independent of narrow constricted considerations of caste, creed and culture, and Indian classical music has embodied this spiritual base for the cultivation of the arts that embraces diversity. It has assimilated within itself myriad influences as different as Persian music, Sufi music, Ghazals and the Bhakti music tradition. A quick glance at the greatest exponents of this traditional form – both in the Hindustani and Carnatic styles – reflects this fundamental spirit of ‘art as a spiritual endeavour that transcends barriers’: the vast majority of pundits and ustads have belonged to diverse cultural milieu. Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib – widely acknowledged as one of the greatest artists and teachers of Indian classical music – found no contradiction between his faith and the rendition of compositions celebrating the celestial love of Radha-Krishna; and, Pandit Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale was perfectly at ease composing a kheyal on Hajrat Muhammad playing Holi. It is thus that Indian classical music reflects the assimilatory and unifying characteristics of Indian society and culture.


    We are at a point in history when a syncretic vision of society and culture that has characterised India for many thousands of years is under unprecedented threat. Social, political and religious divisions are on the verge of rending the secular fabric of this country asunder. The threat of India turning into a country torn apart by deep divisions along cultural, caste and communal lines is further exacerbated by the rampant and overwhelming presence of global market forces that seek to establish cultural hegemony in order to bring to fruition its vision of a culturally homogenous group of consumers. The popular music of today tends to largely reflect this reality: devoid of artistic merit but packaged to appeal to our baser instincts, most popular music disappears without a trace in the space of a few weeks, to be replaced by something of a similar quality. It jars the senses, rather than provide peace and succour.


    Satrangee is an endeavour to free music from the tentacles of these ills, by bringing about a renaissance of the tradition and ethos of Indian classical music. It’s ambitious aim is to once again enable music play the part of healing the divides and wounds of this country by emphasising the unifying, spiritual nature of art. To this end, Satrangee envisions a future where classical music reaffirms its pre-eminent social and cultural role through popular participation and acceptance, and heralds the birth of a nation that is united in diversity.    

SSAC's Projects

The Satrangee Society for Art & Culture is a not-for-profit organisation for musicians and by musicians. Its mission is to celebrate and propagate India’s rich heritage of classical music, and bring about qualitative change in the lives of struggling artists and practitioners of music through collaboration. The Society aims to achieve this in the following ways:

Society for Website.png
Society for Website.png

The Society shall make an extensive survey of all regions – particularly of rural areas – to unearth talented individuals who are constrained by their social or economic circumstances from pursuing their passion for music, and are limited by a lack of opportunities and proper training. Satrangee Society for Art & Culture shall nurture these talents under the guidance of qualified and dedicated teachers, who shall strive to fulfil their dream of becoming successful musicians.

Satrangee Society for Art & Culture shall focus on the systematic use of music therapy in the treatment of chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension, migraine and heart disease. It shall also employ music therapy to bring about positive change in the lives of differently-abled children and individuals. The therapeutic characteristics of music – including the promotion of emotional, cognitive, social and physical integration and recovery – are well-documented, and Satrangee Society for Art & Culture intends to also use music as an effective tool for mitigating with the stresses and strains of modern life.

In this day and age, when careers in music are made and forgotten in the space of a few weeks, it can be difficult for budding as well as seasoned musicians to cope with this sudden and often undeserved change in fortune. Satrangee Society for Art & Culture shall lend a helping hand to these individuals and help to reintegrate them into the mainstream, by providing them with support and opportunities to showcase their talents.

In addition to those, the activities of the Satrangee Society for Art & Culture shall include:


(a)     Youth Scholarships: The society shall provide scholarships to talented musicians from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and provide them with training. They shall be provided exposure by being allowed to perform in programmes held at branches of the society in different districts and states.

(b)    Cultural Exchange: Talented artists from different regions shall be trained and groomed by the society, and they shall serve as ‘bare-foot ambassadors’ of music and their local musical tradition. Exchange Programmes between different states and regions shall feature performances by these trainee artists.

(c)       Workshops and Training Programmes: This initiative shall include:

                       (i)  Regular grooming of trainees by in-house acclaimed artists

                       (ii) Training sessions conducted by top artists

                      (iii) Listening and Knowledge Sessions to acquaint learners and listeners with different vocal and instrumental gharanas                                 and rhythmic styles, aiming to create a generation of knowledgeable performers and listeners or samajhdaars.


Your support and encouragement shall go a long way in fulfilling our aims and ambitions. Thank you.

Economic instability can prove to be the bane of the artist, and many aspiring and talented musicians have been compelled to give up their musical careers to eke out their livelihood. Satrangee Society for Art & Culture shall attempt to revive their musical talent by providing them support, and give them the opportunity to re-immerse themselves in an atmosphere of music in the company of fellow artists and music lovers.

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