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Satrangee's Fusion Projects

SATRANGEE is working on various topics and subjects such as Global Harmony, Patriotism, National Integrity, Harmony, Love, Passion, Emotions, Cry, Joy, Seasons, River, Desert, Radha, Krishna, Meera taking the uniqueness of traditional Bandishes, Thumris, Dadras, Chaitis, Kajris and Bengali Folks like Baul, Bhatiali; Maand of Rajasthan, Bihu of Assam, Bhangra, Gidda and Heer of Punjab; Lavani of Maharashtra, Dandiya of Gujarat, Qawaali, Sufiana, Rabindra Sangeet and many more. Renowned painters of India and abroad along with Satrangee are making a single harmony of colours and tunes merging two different art forms with thematic drawing and compositions together live on stage.

Besides working on theme-based projects, Satrangee Fusion Band is also working on original compositions assimilating both Indian & Western musical elements in their creations.

Colours of Independence

A stunning journey through time from the last of the Mughals till the present period. A journey that will leave you stuck in your seats. Music, story & projection, the three pillars to narrate a tale of three centuries in three hours.

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